Thank you for registering at St. Agnes Catholic Church. It is in our parish where we are able to continue the mission of Jesus Christ. Through our belonging, we have an opportunity to express our faith and join others to give witness of our communion with God and with one another.

Some reasons to register include:

  • Provide a sense of belonging and identity in a parish community.
  • Provide the parish community with a way to welcome you.
  • Receive comfort in times of joy and times of struggle.
  • Provide an opportunity for you and your family to be heard in the parish.
  • Give us knowledge of our demographics in order to better plan for you.
  • Allow us to connect with you.
  • Facilitate receiving the Sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, or Holy Matrimony.
  • Allow you to register for religious education instruction and Sacramental preparation.

We ask that everyone (even already registered parishioners) please login and verify and update their information.

Member Registration Istructions


Please note: Everyone who needs a service from our parish, whether parishioners of St. Agnes or not, must be registered in the Church’s database.

Go to, input user name and password (if you already have one or select lost password if you don’t remember.

If you have never logged in before, select “new user”. Submit registration and you will receive a username and password via email.

Once you log in, select “My Own Church”, select Family details and there you will find your family’s information. Review and update your family details as well as the member details: Primary Email, Phone Numbers, Address, etc. Ensure each Family Member has their own tab and add them if necessary. To make any changes you need to click on “edit details”.

NOTE: If you are using a mobile device you may see a different window. You will need to select “Full site” to see “edit details”.

Add a picture of each family member so we can identify them. To do this, select the member’s tab, edit details and then add.

Obtain your family number. Your family number is found in the family details tab.

Here’s how you can set up your recurring donation online.

Go to app store or google play

Search for Connectnow Giving and select get or install

Open the app
Type 33149
Select St. Agnes Church

Select create an account
Once you are in…

Go to settings to set your fingerprint or face ID so you don’t have to remember your password.
Click on Recurring
Click + to add a new recurring payment

Choose Fund as stewardship – offertory
Input the amount
Check the box for recurring Select frequency Set start date

If you have any question call the office at 305-361-2351 or email