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Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) - April 11, 2021Segundo Domingo de Pascua o de la Divina Misericordia - 11 de Abril, 2021

Jesus Christ is risen... He is risen indeed!

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Dear Friends,

Every year our parish contributes to the Archbishop Charities and Development Drive (ABCD), as does every parish in Miami. These contributions are tremendously important. They are used, among other things, to fund the seminaries that train our priests, and to support parochial schools in low incarne neighborhoods, like St. Mary's in Little Haiti. The money we ali contribute is used to take care of the elderly indigent, to help poor couples welcome their children into the world instead of aborting them, and to feed and clothe the mentally ili who sadly tive on the sidewalks of our downtown.

ln short, the great works of charlty of the Cathollc Church, whlch lncludes splrltual formatlon ln the falth, Is made posslble ln Miami by the ABCD.

We are asking that EVERY family at St. Agnes Church, contribute to this important mission. lt is simply our duty as Catholics and as role models for our children and the wider community. There is no reason why we can't achieve 100% participation.

Please take a moment to consider how much you can pledge this very day. lt can be arranged to be paid monthly if that works better for your family. What's important is to commit to the charity that is the hallmark of the honorable Christian.

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Make a Gift to the ABCD!

It's time to return to our core as Catholic Men

St. John Paul II often echoed “Man cannot know himself except through a sincere gift of self.” In a world growing increasingly suspicious of masculini-ty, we need more than ever to return to our roots and remember our identity and calling as men.

When we know who we are as men, we can be a sincere gift to the world.

The A Man and Father Conference is leading this discussion of what it means to live our unique call as men in all arenas of our life - family, prayer, hob-bies, work, and more.

Learn more today:

Los mejores temas a discutir, las experiencias que han funcionado, psicológica y humanamente en estas dos situaciones de la vida

12190 sw 56th Street Miami, FL 33175
Tel. 305 596-0001

Under the auspices of the prelature of Opus Dei, in an elegant retreat house with private room/bath one hour north of Miami in Delray Beach. Transportation can be arranged.

Contact Coordinator: Grazie Christie
Phone: 305-528 9978

Cost $375 (Payment plan available)

2021 Dates | Fechas:
In English: 4/16-18, 5/7-9, 9/10-12
En Español: 4/30-5-5/3, 11/12-14

For more info and to register online:

Bajo el auspicio de la prelatura del Opus Dei, se realizará el retiro una elegante casa con habitación privada/baño, a una hora al norte de Miami, en Delray Beach. Puede organizarse el transporte.

Contacto-Coordinadora: Grazie Christie
Telefono: 305-528 9978

Costo $375 (Plan de pago disponible)

2021 Dates | Fechas:
In English: 4/16-18, 5/7-9, 9/10-12
En Español: 4/30-5-5/3, 11/12-14

Para mas información e inscripciones visite:

To celebrate the year of Saint Joseph, we will have a special bilingual mass and Holy Rosary on the 19th of every month at 12:00 PM.

  • Monday - Saturday: 7:30 AM (English)
  • Monday - Friday: 6:00 PM (Español)
  • Sunday: 12:30 PM (Español)

Spaces are available in next school year's PK-3 Program! Submit your application today at

With the opening of our NEW PRESCHOOL BUILDING in late Fall 2021, your child will enjoy upgraded, state-of-the-art amenities!

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