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Spaces Available for PK-4 Program in 2017-18 School Year!

We still have a few spaces available in next year’s PK-4 class! In order to enroll your child in this program, please visit our website’s “Admissions” page to download the application forms, and turn them in to the main office as soon as possible. Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

School Mass

The fifth graders participated as the choir and altar servers at a recent school Mass.

PK-3 Mother’s Day

The students in PK-3 celebrated Mother’s Day and invited their moms to a fabulous Tea Party.

PK-4 Creativity

In PK-4, students showed their creativity while learning. One student made a 3-D star using magnets, while others worked on Tangrams.

Kindergarten Learning

Kindergarten students have been learning all about mammals.

3rd Grade STEM Lab

This month in the STEM lab, third graders have been using Comic Life on the computer. This program introduces students on how to create a story, make headlines on the front page of a newspaper, create future worlds, explore amazing science stories, and much more. Here is an example of a Super Story.

5th Grade Famous American Wax Museum

Fifth grade students had a chance to research an influential figure throughout history. All students were required to prepare a speech by their chosen historical figure, and present it in front of a live audience. Students also created poster displays, iMovies, and QrCodes with their recorded speeches.

7th Grade Congress Wax Museum

Seventh graders had a chance to research an influential senator or representative of Congress. They magically became that representative or senator for the United States Congress Wax Museum. All students were required to prepare a speech by their member of Congress and write a research paper. Students also created poster displays, iMovies, 3D timelines, and QrCodes with their recorded speeches.

8th Grade Activities

The “Forever Bears” (eighth graders who have attended St. Agnes since PK-3) visited the PK-3 classrooms, to see where it all started. Eighth graders also recently went on a bowling field trip, and then wrote an allegory comparing their final year at St. Agnes to bowling.

St. Ann’s Mission Food Drive

St. Agnes is holding a food drive to benefit St. Ann’s Mission. All school and parish families are encouraged to donate specific food items, through Wednesday, May 24th. Please reference the list below for the items our brothers and sisters in Naranja need the most. What a beautiful way of celebrating J.O.Y.!

$10.00 worth of any item

  • PK 3 - Canned Fruit
  • PK 4 - Sugar
  • Kinder - Evaporated Milk
  • 1st grade - Flour
  • 2nd grade - Canned Vegetables
  • 3rd grade - Oil or Lard
  • 4th grade - Dry Pinto Beans
  • 5th grade - Dry Lentils
  • 6th grade - Rice
  • 7th grade - Pampers or cloth diapers
  • 8th grade - Mazeca
  • Teachers & Staff - Bath Soap and Mazeca

Families with more than one child at St. Agnes Academy may choose to bring items for only one grade level.

Kona Ice Day

Kona Ice came to St. Agnes, and students were able to purchase and enjoy this special treat!

STEM Lab Website

St. Agnes is proud to launch the STEM Lab website!

Click on the link to learn more about our wonderful STEM program: Thanks to your generosity we have already raised nearly $200,000, but we still have to reach our goal!

Please go to the donate page to see how YOU CAN HELP. There are naming opportunities that enable your family to sponsor a piece of the lab!

Plastic Recycling Challenge

In an effort to generate environmental awareness in our community, St. Agnes has entered a Plastic Recycling Challenge. Things we will be collecting are: grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, Ziploc bags, bubble wrap, toilet paper bags, ice bags, empty cereal bags, and every other type of flexible plastic bag. Please send your plastic recyclables with the students on Friday mornings. Thank you!

St. Agnes Shopping Programs

Please click on this link for important information regarding two ways you can support St. Agnes Academy while shopping throughout the year. Funds raised through the AmazonSmile and Winn Dixie programs will benefit various school projects.

Lunch Menu of the Week

Monday May 22nd

Beef Nachos, Brown Rice Red Beans OR Cheese Quesadilla w/ Brown Rice, Red Beans.
Substitution: Mexican Zucchinni.

Tuesday May 23rd

Chicken Finger w/ French Fries and California Blend OR Grilled Cheese Sandwich, French Fries and California Blend.

Wednesday May 24th

Beef Lasagna and Broccoli OR Fettuccini Alfredo with Broccoli.
Substitution: Carrot Cream Soup.

Thursday May 25th

Taco or Burrito Brown Rice/ Black Beans and Tostones OR Picadillo Brown Rice/ Black Beans and Tostones.

Friday May 26th

Pizza Day: Spaghetti w/ Bologna Sauce Whole Wheat Bread.
Substitution: Tuna Salad.