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Alumni Mass

On May 20th, Fr. Paguaga celebrated a special Mass for alumni of St. Agnes Academy. It was a lovely celebration, bringing past and present members of our community together!

Applications for 2018-19 School Year

We still have a few spaces available in next year’s PK-3 class. In order to enroll your child in this program, please click here to download the application forms, and turn them in to the main office as soon as possible. Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

May Crowning

In the school’s May Crowning ceremony, eighth graders brought the Virgin Mary statue into the Church. The second graders processed into the Church wearing their First Holy Communion clothes, and had the honor of crowning the Virgin Mary statue.

St. Agnes Alumni News

Congratulations to the St. Agnes Graduates of 2014!

They are now graduating from high school, and will be attending the following universities and colleges in the fall:

  • Jorge Arana – New York University
  • Sophia Arana – Dartmouth College
  • Sol Armando – American University
  • Alexander Arocha – Miami Dade College
  • Carolina Baca – Fordham University
  • Catalina Ballestas – University of Notre Dame
  • Ryan Batalha – Babson College
  • Sofia Broucek – University of Wisconsin
  • Andrew Burch – University of Miami
  • Francesca Capua – Florida International University
  • Gabriela Carballo – Loyola University of New Orleans
  • Victoria Cardoso – Babson College
  • Ana Certain – Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary Convent
  • Pierre de Saint Vincent - IE University of Spain
  • Paulina Du Pond – George Washington University
  • Alfonsina Esteva – American University
  • Nathalie Fuentes – Northeastern University
  • Nicolas Garcia-Morillo – Harvard University
  • Daniela Gomez – Babson College
  • Mariana Gonzalez – University of Florida
  • Alec Islami – University of Mississippi
  • Mia Iturriaga – American University of Rome
  • Andres Labrada – Miami Dade College
  • Cesar Lanuza – Babson College
  • Isabella Martinez – Suffolk University
  • Bernardita Moni – Northeastern University
  • Alexander Navarro – Florida State University
  • Fernando Perez-Hickman – Columbia University
  • Daniela Poma – Boston College
  • Elena Poma – Babson College
  • Julia Porro – Syracuse University
  • Fernanda Prado – IE University of Spain
  • Andres Rodriquez – Louisiana State University
  • Victoria Ruesch – Georgetown University
  • Alexa Tootle – Florida State University
  • Dino Vitti – The Catholic University of America
  • Mateo Zavalia – Florida International University
  • Nicolas Weisson – Miami Dade College

PK-3 May Crowning

Students in PK-3 had their own special May Crowning ceremony in the classroom.

PK-4 Centers

During Center time, students in PK-4 used STEM toys to build crowns. They also learned about which items sink and which ones float.

Kindergarten Activities

As part of a Mother’s Day service project, Kindergarten students made picture frames for NICU moms at Holtz Children’s Hospital. Meanwhile, in Math class students worked on subtraction, using manipulatives and cutting and pasting the answers.

1st Grade Art

In Art class, first graders worked on nature studies and outdoor drawing.

4th Grade Activities

The fourth-grade class celebrated Mother’s Day with their moms in a karaoke breakfast. They also worked on a service project, collecting art and school supplies and delivering them to St. John Bosco’s after school program.

5th Grade Religion

Fifth graders visited the Church and Fr. Foltyn gave them a tour of Liturgical objects, vessels, vestments and areas.

Spanish Immersion

In Spanish class, students in PK-4 learned about insects while practicing the letter “I” in both English and Spanish. They also learned the word “symmetry/simetría” while making butterfly crafts.

ExploraVision Gift

The ExploraVision Company sent a gift to the fifth-grade students, thanking them for their participation in the competition.

Toner and Printer Cartridge Recycling

St. Agnes is partnering with FundingFactory, the leading fundraising-through-recycling company in the continental United States. FundingFactory is simple: there's nothing to sell, no paperwork to fill out, and no deadline. The program runs year-round, accumulating constant income for our efforts, but we won’t get very far without your support. Here’s how you can help: Drop off empty name-brand toner and inkjet printer cartridges to our Main Office and we’ll take it from there! Recycle with us for a clean earth, for a brighter future!

Lunch Menu of the Week

Monday May 21st

Main: *Lomo Salteado *Hamburger *Cheese Burger *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich

Side: *Roasted Zucchini & Eggplant *Rice Pilaf *Tomatoes - Lettuce.

Tuesday May 22nd

Main: *Rotisserie Chicken wings *BBQ Chicken wings *Buffalo chicken wings *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Pasta Shell w/cheese *Glazed Carrots.

Wednesday May 23rd

Main: *Smoked Pork chunks *Panko chicken sandwich *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Assortment of fries *Sauteed Garlic Spinach.

Thursday May 24th

Main: *Turkey Meatball *Pasta Bolognese *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Pasta capellini *Roasted Mixed Vegetables.

Friday May 25th

*Cheese Pizza *Pepperoni Pizza *Margherita Pizza *Veggies Pizza *Ham Pizza *Tuna Wrap *Tuna Salad *Grill Cheese.