School News

In gratitude to God for His love and compassion, we had a special blessing of the school on September 12th. Father Paguaga and Father Foltyn walked throughout the school with the presence of God in the Holy Eucharist.

Students in PK-3 had a lively Music lesson with Mr. Trujillo, as well as a fun Spanish lesson with Mrs. Olivas.

PK-4 students enjoyed playing together during center time. In addition, in remembrance of 9/11 last week, the students visited the Key Biscayne firefighters to thank them for their sacrifice.

Students in Kindergarten have been learning and writing sentences in their journals.

In Spanish class, first graders worked on a writing assignment.

Second graders have been making instruments, discovering sounds with recycled items.

Students in third grade visited their PK-4 reading buddies and read stories to them.

Every Friday the middle school students learn about intercessory prayer by praying a rosary. They then write cards to the faculty and staff, expressing that they have prayed for their intentions. Students have also been writing to their friends that have cancer, and praying a rosary for them.

Sixth graders and their PK-3 buddies read about this month’s virtue “Cooperación.”

During Civics, seventh graders completed a Governments and Freedom Investigation Scavenger Hunt. Students explored, identified, and explained different forms of government, the levels of freedom granted to their citizens, and how citizens need to cooperate when granted freedom. Meanwhile, in Language Arts class, they are learning the importance of learning from other generations, and have practiced identifying appositive and prepositional phrases in team work.

In Spanish class, eighth graders practiced “ser” and “estar” by playing a “Break Out Room.” They had to complete puzzles to unlock the next step of the game.

Students in eighth grade have been studying Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” in Art class. They were asked to draw and make up a story about the girl in the painting.