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Did you know that over 50% of our teachers have a Master's, a Specialist, or a Doctorate degree?

St. Agnes students participate as altar servers at the weekly school Mass.

We still have a few spaces available in next year's PK-3 and PK-4 classes. In order to enroll your child, please visit our website's "Admissions" page to submit your online application. Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

During Religion class, students in PK-3 role played Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. Students also reviewed the story of Easter using their Resurrection Eggs.

While learning about the letter Rr, students in PK-4 made capital and lowercase letters out of construction paper. Meanwhile in Science class, students learned about the life cycle of butterflies and observed newly emerged adults. Click here to see the video of the butterflies being released.

In Math class, Kindergarten students learned all about 3D shapes, and created animal figures with these shapes.

In Spanish class, first graders focused on the virtue for the month of March: CompasiĆ³n. They filled their buckets with compassion: helping, including, sharing, smiling and showing concern.

Third graders are researching and writing paragraphs about the culture of the Caribbean islands in Social Studies class.

Fourth grade Science students worked in teams and learned about the solar system and planets. In Language Arts class, students enjoyed a beautiful morning outdoors as they read "The Lightning Thief" to each other in pairs.

During U.S. History class, fifth grade students showcased their created technology that educated and persuaded settlers to move to their newly created settlement.

First grade Art students painted guitars from Picasso's Blue Period.

Fifth graders celebrated the completion of the DARE program with their graduation ceremony. DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) is a program sponsored by the Key Biscayne Police Department.

We still need $ 20,812 to achieve our goal for the ABCD 2019 campaign. So far, only 336 families have made their contributions this year. We urge you to please make your pledge today and help us achieve our goal! We want to also thank all those who have already committed, we could not do this without you!

Please read our Sustainability Newsletter here and help make St. Agnes an eco-friendly school!

The Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will take place on May 31st at 7:30 p.m.

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