Bereavement Ministry

Ministério de Luto

Coping with the death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult challenges we face. It often raises profound spiritual questions and leaves us with a long-lasting ache and in need of care which goes beyond the funeral.

In our community, faith is an essential resource in coping with death and grief. We have experienced that hope rises when we support one another. Therefore, in service to our community St. Agnes Bereavement Ministry has been developed under the spiritual direction of Fr. Juan Carlos Paguaga, and the pastoral formation and training services in Grief Support offered by a collaborative team of bereavement professionals through MorningStar Renewal Center.

Our mission is to bring hope and live our faith as a community, especially in times of difficulty. We believe that times of grief do not have to be times of isolation or aloneness. When we grieve, we may be sad, lonely, angry, disillusioned, or even faithless, but we believe that however we feel; we need not be alone. We are here to listen, to be with, to pray with and for you. We believe that when the people of the church are present, Christ is being present, and in this effort, we will discover that God is there, with us, especially in our grief.

St. Agnes Faith-based Peer Grief Support Group

Peer-to-Peer grief support groups offer a supportive and caring environment which foster acceptance, healing, and personal and spiritual growth.

We aim to create a space where all are welcome to express themselves and listen to others express their losses in a supportive environment that honors and respects faith, culture, family, and personal experiences as related to the grief support process.

We aim at being a small community of faith and learning with a particular focus on understanding grief, the grieving process, and how to support those dealing with losses of any kind.

You are invited to join the Grief Support Group, please call the Pastoral Office. Our Group welcomes any adult who is grieving for or because an experienced loss, especially the loss of a loved one.

Group meetings are held the first and third Thursday of the month, at the Pastoral Center

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11;28