Latest News

School Mass

The fifth graders served as the choir in a recent school Mass. They did a great job leading the school in song!

Blessing of the School

In gratitude to God for His love and compassion, Father Paguaga did a special blessing of the school on September 6th. Father walked throughout the school with the presence of God in the Holy Eucharist.

Helmet Warnings Issued

The Key Biscayne Police Department’s officers stopped students who rode their bikes to school without a helmet. Each of these students was issued a warning ticket. If they are stopped again for this infraction, a $77.50 ticket will be issued to the student. Not only is wearing a helmet the law for anyone 16 and under, but it is the safe, responsible and healthy thing to do! Be smart St. Agnes Bears!

Virtue of the Month

The virtue of the month for September is: Encouragement. To encourage someone is to listen and use positive words and actions to affirm their efforts in meeting their challenges. For more information visit the website

PK-3 Writing

Students in PK-3 have been busy practicing their writing skills.

PK-4 Center Time

In PK-4, students have had fun playing with their friends at center time.

Kindergarten Learns About Senses

Last week, Kindergarten students learned about their five senses in both Spanish and English and created books with pictures and words.

1st Grade and 7th Grade Reading Buddies

First graders welcomed their seventh grade reading buddies this week. The seventh graders read the virtue of the month storybook, “Encouragement,” to their buddies. First graders enjoyed recording what they learned in their journals, with the help of their buddies.

4th Grade Social Studies

In Social Studies class, fourth graders have been working on using Map Skills to learn about the state of Florida.

5th Grade Learning

In Language Arts class, fifth grade students shared their favorite books with one another. Meanwhile, in Math, they learned about decimal place value and probability in a competition of who could make the greatest number.

6th Grade World History

Sixth grade students became archaeologists in their Social Studies class when they had to investigate the origins and importance of artifacts. Once they were able to identify the objects, the students had to prepare a presentation on the historical significance of their findings.

7th Grade Civics

During Social Studies class, seventh graders collaborated by using a Jeopardy Game to describe the purposes of government, evaluate why governments are formed, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various types of government.

8th Grade Math

Incorporating a Religion theme in Math class, eighth grade Algebra students were given a group project to design a “Walkway of Virgins”, complete with concrete stepping stones, garden plants and statues of virgins (similar to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Doral, Florida). They were to first calculate the cost of three drawings and then determine how many Virgins they could display within a maximum budget. It was a perfect example of how we can bring religion into our mathematical practices. In the eighth grade Pre-Algebra class, students experienced a bi-lingual math lesson, by having numbers read off to them in Spanish, and then having to identify the numbers as Rational and Irrational.

Spanish Immersion Program

As part of their Science lesson, second graders wrote about the sun in Spanish, and then designed their own suns using a collage art form. In first grade, students learned about the five senses in Spanish.

Hurricane Irma Donations

We are very grateful to the St. Agnes community for helping those close to home who have suffered the effects of Hurricane Irma. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we have collected the supplies most needed by Monroe County families who are currently displaced and living in the Tamiami Fairgrounds Shelter.

Student Council

Student Council speeches and elections were held, and the following students were elected for office:

  • President – Anna Maria Vierci Vitti and Eric Islami.
  • Vice President – Victoria Trap.
  • Treasurer – Delfina Prat-Gay.
  • Secretary – Natalia Garza.

Lunch Menu of the Week

Monday September 25th

*Pulled Pork Sandwich, *Bacon/Cheeseburger/ Hamburger, *Sandwich Option, *Grill Cheese sandwich.
Substitution: *Baked Beans, *French Fries, *Vegetable Timbale.

Tuesday September 26th

*Chicken nugget Tempura, *Chicken Florentine (spinach, ricotta, mozzarella cheese), *Sandwich Option, *Grill Cheese sandwich.
Substitution: *Pasta w/Marinara Sauce, *Mixed Vegetables, *Garlic Bread.

Wednesday September 27th

*Rotisserie Chicken, *Roasted BBQ Chicken, *BBQ Ribs, *Sandwich Option, *Grill Cheese sandwich.
Substitution:*Steamed Broccoli, *Home Made Mash Potatoes.

Thursday September 28th

*PolloAsado, **Hard or Soft Tacos, *Sandwich Option, *Grill Cheese sandwich.
Substitution: *Brown Rice, *Black Beans, *Mixed Vegetables.

Friday September 29th

*Cheese Pizza, *Pepperoni Pizza, *Margherita Pizza, *Veggies Pizza, *Ham Pizza, *Sausage Pizza, *Tuna Wrap, *Tuna Salad, *Grill Cheese.