Academic Life

In addition to the requirements mandated by the State of Florida, St. Agnes Academy meets and exceeds the rigorous accreditation standards of the Florida Catholic Conference. Following the Common Core standards, St. Agnes offers a challenging, well-rounded curriculum with major subjects including language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and religion.

At the same time, St. Agnes Academy offers a variety of academic programs that enhance the curriculum. Special area teachers use every opportunity to integrate their programs with core curriculum subjects. The special area subjects offered at St. Agnes include Spanish language, art, music, physical education, and STREAM Lab.

St. Agnes employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process. All teachers encourage critical thinking and problem solving, by implementing higher order questioning, project based learning and differentiated instruction. Furthermore, our teachers possess that very special quality – truly caring for the students and their personal growth.

In essence, we seek to provide our students with the best possible academic and religious education. We are committed to developing lifelong learners, and fostering global citizenship. With the superior, well-rounded education received at St. Agnes Academy, our graduates go on to attend the finest, most competitive secondary schools.

Academic Programs

St. Agnes Academy’s Early Childhood and Elementary programs focus on the major subject essentials, as well as other subjects to enhance the children's learning. The curriculum is both challenging and age appropriate, and incorporates hands-on interactive learning.

Our Middle School program for 5th to 8th graders also challenges the students with a rigorous, competitive curriculum. Middle School students are ability-grouped, and they also experience a variety of teaching styles through the different specialized teachers.

The latest educational advances at St. Agnes include the addition of a STREAM Lab and Spanish Immersion Program. These outstanding programs focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as bi-cultural and bilingual learning.

Children in grades 2nd to 8th are given the Terra Nova test each year. These standardized tests allow us to analyze each child's progress and plan future program revisions.

Technological Resources

St. Agnes actively integrates technology into the everyday learning environment. We utilize the latest educational technology tools, including a one-to-one iPad program in middle school, as well as computers and interactive SMART boards in each classroom.

Our goal is to provide students with an understanding of the technological culture that is evident in their daily lives, and help them acquire necessary technical skills through real-world application.

Counseling Program

The counseling program at St. Agnes Academy emerges from our willingness to serve students in the following areas: academic, personal, spiritual, and social. The goal is to educate and empower students through the teaching of specific life skills. Counseling services include classroom guidance, individual counseling, conflict resolution, and team approach.

Learning Center Program

St. Agnes also has a Learning Center program, which provides for students who need additional assistance or non-traditional teaching strategies. This program mainly focuses on remedial language arts and study skills.