School News

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St. Agnes celebrated Catholic Schools' Week from January 29th to February 3rd. It was a fun-filled week, with special activities for all members of the St. Agnes family! Activities included Family Day, Parent, Teacher and Student Appreciation Days, as well as Field Days.

Students in PK-3 worked on their writing skills and letter recognition.

PK-4 students started learning their sight words. Students also learned about things that go together, as well as opposites.

Kindergarten students practiced sight words in small groups, using a white crayon on white paper and then watercolors on top to make words "magically" appear.

Second graders worked in stations during Math class.

In Language Arts class, fourth graders worked on their imaginative narrative stories. Meanwhile in Religion, they learned about St. Faustina and created a banner about the Divine Mercy.

During Science class, seventh grade students worked on a density lab.

Fourth grade students served as patrol guards to help with morning arrival.