Application 2018-19

The following items are required before the Admissions Committee can consider an applicant's file:

Document Name
Application Form
Permission for Release of Records
Teacher Recommendation Form (PK-4 K)
Teacher Recommendation Form (Grade 1-8)
Principal Recommendation Form
Original Birth Certificate
Original Passport (for foreign-born applicants)
Original Baptismal Record
Original Communion Record (if applicable)
Original Parents' Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
$50.00 Non-refundable Application Fee
It is the parents' responsibility to obtain these documents and bring originals to the school. We will make copies of personal documents, and return all originals to the parents.

Application materials must be submitted to the school's main office by January 31, 2018.

Since priority of admission is given to active parishioners, the parents should:

  • Be registered with the parish
  • Support the parish by attending Mass and using stewardship envelopes

Priority admission will only be considered when the parish registration/stewardship information is on file.

When space becomes available, applicants whose files are complete will be considered for admission. At that time, the applicant will be screened/tested. Both the applicant and the parents may be invited for an interview with the Principal.

* Applications will be valid for one year from the date of submittal to St. Agnes Academy.